Brendan Winans

Who is Brendan P. Winans?


Hello, my name is Brendan P. Winans. I am a professional Realtor®. I’ve been in the Real Estate industry since 2006, working very hard to provide a superior quality of service to whomever I have the pleasure of interacting.

Working in real estate is my passion. Helping people of all walks of life to make one of the most serious decisions of their lifetime is rewarding for me on so many levels, and I cannot picture myself doing anything else.

I’ve worked with professional athletes, “C” level executives, and first time home buyers. I do my best to not only achieve your goals in a timely manner, but to make the process as enjoyable as it can be while maintaining professionalism and efficiency, and without losing the sensitivity that is often needed throughout real estate transactions.

What I Enjoy The Most About Real Estate.

It is no secret that real estate can be very rewarding financially. Although that is certainly one element of my motivation, it is by no means the largest or only…

Some of the things that I enjoy the most about my career:

Negotiations – Once I find that perfect property for you, or that motivated buyer for your property, that is when the “fun” begins. I don’t take negotiations lightly. Negotiating my way through problems and challenges to reach a solution that realizes my clients’ goals is exciting to me – there’s no boiler plate for this type of interaction, and I enjoy rolling up my sleeves to create a buyer/seller win.

Helping People – Helping people is what the Real Estate service industry is about. Real Estate is about service, not simply moving housing inventory. I do my best to maintain that perspective because there is nothing more frightening than buyers and sellers blindly approaching one of the largest transactions that most of us make only a few times in our lives. Allow me to be your “light in the dark”. I love navigating people through their confusion, to not only teach them about the real estate process, but to deliver them to their destination in one piece.

Handing off the keys – Handing the keys off to someone who just completed a purchase, and is now the proud owner of a piece of property. That action speaks enough for itself.